I have loaded some examples of my filming onto this page (see below). I have also been doing some filming for the BBC, you can see a good example of my work by watching a short film I did for Winterwatch:

Some of the results take a lot of time to achieve, I am very patient when it comes to filming and will spend many, many hours waiting to get the right shot. In the case of the water vole footage, this has taken months to get to know the animals and their routines, build up a rapport and set the cameras up in the correct way. I work very closely with HANDYKAM and they are able to provide cameras and gadgets which allow all sorts of filming – close up, automatic focus, night vision and much, much more.

I am available should you wish to discuss any filming project you have. It can be at Stow Maries or on location elsewhere.

I have a wealth of knowledge of field craft , camera craft and tricks of the trade so I am available to help amateur photographers as well as professional film makers. If you want to photograph or film the wildlife in your own backyard I can teach you how.

I can show you how to set up shots and how to achieve professional results. My great interest is to enter the world of the wildlife so that I am not looking in as others do but am at their level and am accepted by them. One of the videos attached demonstrates this perfectly as three water voles jump around me as I film. You will also see how large their world looks because I am in their habitat looking out with them.

I have endless patience and delight in getting great results through patience and trying different techniques.

I will consider any wildlife project so please contact me with any idea you have which you think I may be of use to you in.